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Current and New Student Registration
In order to serve families and students better, we have made a couple changes to our registration process for the 2019/2020 school year.
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Accountability Survey
Invest in the future. Alberta Education invites parents to play an important role in their child’s education. By completing the Accountability Pillar Parent survey, you are giving your school, your school authority, and your provincial government important information about the quality of education your child is receiving and helping to ensure they are being prepared for success. When you complete the survey, you’re adding your voice to the future of education in your school and throughout Alberta. Results are used by schools, school authorities, and government to see what’s working and what needs to be improved. We all have a part to play in the important work of educating the next generation of Albertans. Are you a grade four, seven or ten parent? Watch for your Accountability Pillar Parent survey package in your mailbox during the month of January. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Will all parents receive the survey? Unfortunately, no, the Accountability Pillar Parent survey will only be mailed to the families of grade four, seven and ten students. How will I receive the survey? Alberta Education is in the process of mailing survey packages to families and will deliver them to family homes sometime during the month of January 2019. Watch your mailbox for your survey package to arrive. Can I complete the survey online? All families that receive the survey are encouraged to complete it through an online submission or on paper and sent back using the self-addressed and posted envelope included in the package. Online applications: Families will require a Random Access Code (RAC) to complete the survey online; the code, along with detailed instruction can be found in the survey package received by mail. What if English is not my first language? If language is a barrier, please note that the survey is available in English, French, Punjabi, Cree, Korean, Denesųłı̨né, Tagalog, Chinese, Blackfoot, Arabic, Spanish or Urdu. To receive a survey in one of these languages, parents can contact their school principal. When is the survey deadline? Accountability Pillar survey will close on March 8, 2019. If the survey is mailed and post marked for Mar 8th, it will be accepted. Your participation in the survey helps provide important information on the quality of education your child is receiving, so we encourage you to return your survey promptly. Will my child complete a similar survey? Yes, a student survey will be administered to students in grade four, seven and ten and all MHPSD teachers will complete a teacher survey during school hours. Will there be open houses for parents who have questions? Parent engagement sessions may be held at your child's school, please check the calendar or newsletter for more information. Parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s teacher or the school principal if they have any questions about the survey. Are survey responses anonymous? Yes, all survey responses are anonymous. What does the survey measure? The Accountability Pillar survey consists of a common set of performance measures and consistent, fair evaluations of results. Increased emphasis is placed on achieving outcomes, reporting results and using data to make informed decisions to improve programs and student results in subsequent years. • 7 Categories: Safe and caring schools Student learning opportunities Student learning achievement (Grades K to 9) Student learning achievement (Grades 10 to 12) Preparing for lifelong learning, world of work, and citizenship Parental involvement Continuous improvement The highest priority of our education system is the success of each student. Accountability is very important because it helps ensure students receive the best possible education and succeed in school. A quality education helps all children make the most of their talents and abilities. It takes place in schools that allow parents to play a key role in the education of their children. A great school is a caring and safe place for children and welcomes parents. Accountability reports provide school authorities with the best information possible to make decisions about student learning. The reports ensure that all school authorities are on the same page, measuring the same factors in the same way at the same time and creating an accurate picture to share with the public. This, in turn, provides students with the best learning experience possible. • Accountability Pillar Fact Sheet (PDF) • Measuring the Quality of Your Child's Education (PDF) Medicine Hat Public School Division Corey Sadlemyer - Assistant Superintendent Inclusive Mindset Office: 403.528.6700 Media Inquiries Lee Krasilowez - Communications Coordinator Office: 403.528.6717 Cell: 403.977.9086 System Assurance Branch, Alberta Education Office: (780) 643-9193 (toll-free access within Alberta by dialing 310-0000 first)
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Kindergarten Registration and ELP Application Day
In Kindergarten and in the Early Learning Program (ELP) we help children develop a strong foundation and an early love for lifelong learning.
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Children's Sleep Seminars
Sleep Seminar Children’s Allied Health, Behavioural Services Does your child have signs of sleep deprivation such as crankiness, hyperactivity, inattentiveness, memory or concentration problems? Caution: The recommendations provided in this seminar are for children who are functioning at a developmental level of 18 months of age or older, and do not have any illnesses or disorders that may require 24-hour care and one-to-one attention of an adult. For help with sleep issues involving these children, contact your Public Health Nurse or Physician. Upcoming Seminars: Thursday, February 28 Thursday, March 7 Thursday, April 4 Thursday, May 2 Time: 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Location: Children’s Allied Health, Behavioural Services 631 Prospect Drive SW Medicine Hat, AB Please pre-register at 403-502-8257 We all know that good sleep habits are important for children. But families’ busy schedules can have a big impact on how much and how well children are sleeping. Research shows that lack of sleep can negatively affect a child’s behaviour, ability to learn and more. This presentation will cover topics such as:  How much sleep children really need  Causes of some common sleep issues  How to get children to fall asleep  Getting children to stay in their own beds at night  How screen time affects sleep Join us for this free information session!
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Head Lice - Reminder for Parents
Although head lice may not be the most exciting topic to chat about, they certainly are a nuisance, and a number of parents have asked for more information about head lice. As per Alberta Health Services direction, we do NOT send out notices about occurrences of head lice in the school, but we do encourage parents to check their children for lice on a somewhat regular basis throughout the year. We do not send the notes home any longer saying that head lice are in a class or the school. At school we do try to take precautions to reduce the likelihood of transmission of head lice, but unfortunately cannot ensure that it does not happen. For more information about head lice, please click on the link below:
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Bus Zone and Staff Parking Lot Signs
Ross Glen School has moved the School Bus Parking Zone into the main Staff Parking Lot. This has provided additional drop off/pick up and parking spaces in front of the school. As well, the two Staff Parking Lots now have signs that read: DO NOT ENTER - EXCEPT BY PERMIT. Thank you for your cooperation and thank you for making Ross Glen School a safe place to be!
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Growing up Digital: Distracted, Tired and Anxious
Dr. Phil McRae will highlight key findings on the world's largest study on technology, health, and learning being done in partnership with Harvard Medicine School, Alberta Teachers' Association, and the University of Alberta. This presentation focuses on screen time and children and is open to all parents, professionals and community members at no cost. Cake and coffee will be served. February 20, 2019 6:30-7:30 PM I.F. Cox School 339 3rd St SE, Redcliff, AB FREE Tickets will be available on
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Behavioural Services
An Energized Brain in Less Than 5 Minutes Brain breaks are quick mental time-outs that help us refocus. They are easy 5-minute activities that help us get energized, boost blood flow and increase oxygen to the brain. It is recommended that children take regular brain breaks at school and at home to improve their educational success. Brain breaks can help children: Regain attention after sitting in one place for a long time Reduce stress Increase motivation to learn Improve memory Regain a positive state of mind Below are some activities you can do with your child: Sing or dance to your child’s favourite song Play physically active games like “Minute to Win It” to pack an active break into a small timeframe Play games such as connect the dots or maze puzzles Show a short funny video Perform breathing and stretching exercises Throw a ball back and forth Make a quick healthy snack Brain breaks are smart and simple. Be a role model by incorporating brain breaks into your personal daily activities as well. Get Walking The new school year is here! This brings opportunity for you and your child to walk to school together. There are so many benefits to walking, like increased physical activity, increased socialization with neighbours, spending quality time with your child and becoming familiarized with your community. You can still give your child the walking experience if you live far away from their school by parking five to ten minutes away from the school and walking the rest of the way. Another important benefit of walking with your child is that it allows them to develop traffic safety awareness and practice safe pedestrian behaviours. Most children will need supervision to walk to school until they are at least 9 years old. Did you know that twenty-six judgement skills are required to cross a street safely? Many of these skills have not fully developed in a young child. For example, they might think that a car can stop instantly or if they can see a car, the driver can see them. They are also often distracted and many underestimate dangerous situations. Here are some important pedestrian safety messages that you can model for your child: Cross at marked intersections or crosswalks Look left, look right and look left again before stepping out onto the street Wait until the road is clear Always walk on the sidewalk Alberta encourages active and safe routes to school. For more information on how you can start a program in your neighbourhood email or call toll-free 1-877-533-4098. For more information on childhood injury prevention visit
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Science Olympics 2019
The Medicine Hat Branch of APEGA is hosting a science Olympics for grades 4-6 at Medicine Hat High School on Saturday, March 16th, from 12 to 4 pm. Registration information can be found here:
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Grade 4 - 6 Ski Trip
Ski Trip Date The Grade 4 - 6 2nd Ski Trip will take place on March 6 this school year. Please go to School Cash Online to pay for your child's trip. Students depart at 7:45 am and return at 5:00 pm.
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Anti-Bullying Day - Wear Pink or Red Feb 27th
On February 27, 2019, we encourage everyone to practice kindness and wear pink or red to symbolize that you do not tolerate bullying.
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